Project Description

AbandonedManufacturingFacility-CorneliaGAContour performed a Phase I ESA on an abandoned industrial tract of land that was originally developed in 1946 as a manufacturing facility for the International Furniture Company. The site was originally developed with an approximate 180,000 square foot, manufacturing/office building, and operated as a kiln drying and furniture manufacturer from 1946 until 2005. Multiple drums containing hazardous and nonhazardous materials were observed during the initial Phase I ESA, and a former gasoline station and truck refueling station was also identified onsite during the historical review.

Prior to property acquisition, Contour, performed a Phase II Site Investigation to address these concerns. Various RCRA metals were discovered in soil and shallow groundwater at this site. However, Contour’s staff was able to confirm that the metals found during the Phase II demonstrated naturally occurring background concentrations rather than a release from this facility thereby preventing this site from being listed on the Hazardous Site Inventory (HSI). Contour’s team also identified, assessed, and quantified asbestos-containing materials within and on this building, and also arranged for proper abatement of all regulated ACMs prior to demolition.

AbandonedManufacturingFacility-CorneliaGA2Contour conducted a Test Pit Investigation at the site to confirm the presence/absence of the USTs, and submitted closure reports to the GA EPD. Based on the findings of the Phase II Site Investigation and Test Pit Investigation, the GAEPD issued letters of No Further Action Required.

Under the direction of the client, Contour prepared/submitted a Prospective Purchaser Corrective Action Plan (PPCAP) for the GA EPD for “Limitation of Liability” processing under Georgia’s Reuse and Redevelopment Act (Brownfield). Prior to demolition/site redevelopment Contour prepared a site specific Health and Safety Plan/Environmental Management Plan to provide guidance for contractors working onsite in the event of discovery of unknown pre-existing releases.

This site has since been redeveloped with a retail development.

Contour’s specialized team of ecologists and biologists have performed over 1,000 complex jurisdictional wetlands/waters of the U.S., and State Water delineations on sites ranging from one acre to 3,000 acres. Contour’s team field locates jurisdictional boundaries using survey grade GPS instrumentation. At the completion of each delineation, Contour’s team provides experienced permitting and mitigation strategies for best possible development solutions.

AbandonedManufacturingFacility-CorneliaGA3Contour’s specialized team has a proven track record successfully securing over 500 Nationwide Permits (NWP) and greater than fifty (50) complex Individual Permits through the United States Army Corps of Engineers as regulated under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. Contour’s team has also worked very closely with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and various local Issuing Authorities and has secured numerous stream buffer encroachment variances.