Project Description

MixedUseDevelopment-FormerGasStations-WoodstockGAContour performed a Phase I ESA and Phase II Site Investigation to investigate environmental concerns on this site. The Limited Phase II findings indicted the presence of petroleum constituents in the soil and groundwater due to a release from the UST system. Contour excavated, removed, transported, and disposed of three (3) 10,000-gallon petroleum tanks from the site.

Contour’s staff also performed environmental assessment activities on an adjacent Shell gasoline station, which involved preparation of a CAP-A as well as a CAP-B, and removal of four (4) 8,000-gallon USTs.

MixedUseDevelopment-FormerGasStations-WoodstockGA2Contour prepared a fate transport model as part of the CAP-B and demonstrated that the petroleum contaminant plume would naturally attenuate before impacting a nearby receptor. Contour performed a MOP for three quarterly events. Contour has since secured an NFA letter from the GA EPD USTMP for the release.