Industrial hygiene is very important when it comes to recognizing, evaluating, communicating, and controlling environmental stressors in, or arising from the work place, which may result in injury, illness, impairment and could adversely impact the well being of workers or other members of the community. Common stressors are divided into categories such as biological, chemical, and physical.

Contour’s highly experienced team uses strict and rigorous scientific methodology to determine the potential for environmental hazards and evaluating exposure or risk in the workplace.

ACM / LBP Assessment Services:

  • Preliminary ACM Screening
  • Pre-Demolition ACM Surveys
  • ACM Identification / Quantification / Delineation
  • Air Monitoring, Analysis and Project Oversight
  • LBP Screening and Surveying


Our experts are experienced with hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead paint, and mold and how these materials should be handled, secured, and/or removed from a site or building before it is occupied, renovated, or razed. We assess the levels of waste materials from a construction or renovation project, how they can be minimized and disposed of or recycled. You can trust Contour Environmental to advise and prepare you for any pitfalls before they are encountered.